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Pinnacle Safety Solutions

Keeping workers safe is everyone's concern.  Safe workers are more productive, happier, and stay on the job longer. 

In addition to the obvious benefits of a safe workforce, the benefits to BOTTOM LINE PROFIT are just as substantial.

A safe workplace realizes reduced injury and illness rates, reduced insurance experience ratings that produce lower insurance premiums, and increased productivity.

Employees that know their employer truly believes in their safety will be better for the organization on all levels.

Pinnacle can help with the development of most environmental health and safety programs and can assist with their implementation as well.  Noticing trends in injuries in illnesses that you don't like? Let us help.  

We can produce entire safety programs or review the ones you have in place and provide actionable feedback that will increase your profit.

Pinnacle also provides ergonomic assessments and job safety analyses to determine areas for improvement and to develop a system to increase efficiency and reduce injury.

Emergency Action Plans are also a component of any effective safety culture and a specialty of the consultants at Pinnacle Safety Solutions.