Pinnacle Safety Solutions

An inspection helps to locate those conditions that, if left uncontrolled, have the capacity to cause injury.

Pinnacle Safety Solutions believes in performing inspections with the end goal of fact-finding, with an emphasis on locating hazards and developing plans to eliminate them before they adversely affect safety and health.

We can assist with continuous inspections or help an organization set up a continuous inspection process (ensuring PPE is properly inspected during its lifetime, for example).  

Or we can assist with interval inspections.  This is what most people consider a safety inspection to be - an inspection that occurs at the same time such as annually or quarterly, for example.

Both types of inspections have their merits and Pinnacle works with organizations to implement the inspection that is most beneficial and to help them integrate those inspections into the entire safety culture of the organization.

If your organization has had an injury or citation, we can help to identify the cause (or causes) and keep them from happening again.  We will also provide your organization with the framework to implement a proper safety management system that will close the loop on any corrective actions needed.

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